Attorneys for the West Memphis Three, the men convicted of the 1993 slayings of three West Memphis children, have filed briefs on evidence and testimony they hope to develop in the Arkansas Supreme Court-ordered hearing on whether they should receive new trials.

A spokesman for an organization working to free the men has summarized the pleadings here. They are asking, among others, for new DNA testing of physical evidence from the case, including skin samples from the victims and their clothing.


The men also want to call as witnesses the father of one of the victims and one of his friends because they are likely sources of DNA that was found in physical evidence, though no trace of the men convicted was found. They will additionally seek consideration of favorable findings by forensic scientists, of arguments that false statements were made about a supposed confession by Damien Echols, who has been sentenced to die, and of evidence about jury misconduct in one of the trials.

Here’s Echols’ filing.


Here’s the filing by his co-defendants, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, who are serving life sentences.