The question above is posed by John Brummett in commenting on the windfall tax break for rich people passed by the Arkansas House last week.

Today’s column is a message to all working or nonworking people who voted Republican last year because it looked to you like Republicans were the best bets to go to Little Rock and lighten your tax load and help preserve your job or create you one.

Here’s the message: Republicans in the state House of Representatives, with a help of a few Democrats, let you down last week.

They passed a big unaffordable tax cut providing a benefit accruing to a very elite few, but not to you.

It also is a tax cut on profits of capital investments for which has been shown no demonstrable connection with job creation, except the hoary trickle-down faith-based belief that making the wealthy wealthier might someday benefit us all. The last 10 years’ evidence: Not so much.

Had to laugh when I read in Democrat-Gazette this morning that budget-cutting, tax-cutting Rep. John Burris has been busily working behind the scenes lobbying for increased government spending for a social service program HE likes (for alcoholic rehab). Isn’t that the way? All government spending I don’t need or want is wasteful. All government spending I like pays for itself in public benefit and is spiritually, morally and and in every other way defensible. And, sometimes, as in Burris case, you might land a nice junket to a big city for your support of superior government pork barreling. (Burris’ favored recipient of your tax dollars, by the way, may be completely worthy. So is the family planning component of Planned Parenthood. And so on.)