President Obama’s decision to stop defending the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act will have political implications in 2012, a New York Times writer says.

Well, duh. The Republicans will wave the banner of homosexual oppression until the last bigot dies. The question is how fast the inevitable movement of the American population toward justice reaches the tipping point and dissenters become irrelevant politically. Already, if you make the question civil union, not same-sex marriage, public support is overwhelmingly positive. Public Policy Polling, in a state sample in Rhode Island the other day, found broad support for gay marriage in every age group except, narrowly, the oldest respondents. The grim reaper will correct that last outlier before long.

But it doesn’t mean the issue won’t be a cudgel in some locations next year. I know. Don’t remind me.

UPDATE: The Huckster rushes to lead the demagoguery.