With talk about congressional redistricting underway, it’s not too early to talk about congressional candidates in 2012.

I’ll have more to say on this later, but I chatted this morning with retired circuit judge and Presbyterian pastor Marion Humphrey who said he was considering a race for 2nd District Congress, depending on how the potential field shakes out once new lines are drawn. If Joyce Elliott, defeated by Rep. Tim Griffin last year, runs again, I doubt the judge would make the race, for example.


Humphrey said he hadn’t paid much attention to the redistricting battle. Black legislators may offer their own bill — or, worse, throw in with Republicans — on a bill advantageous to a black candidate. Humphrey, who grew up in Pine Bluff and lost a race for state Senate there against a young Jay Bradford, said he, of course, wouldn’t mind seeing Jefferson County added to the 2nd District.

Humphrey, 61, said he’s interested in running because of what’s happening in Washington, particularly budget cutting by “reactionary” Republicans. “Instead of being concerned about tax cuts for the wealthiest in society, we need to take a look at the effect of these budget cuts on the employment rate. We’ve got to have speople spending money for private enterprise to thrive. Middle income people tend to spend what they’ve got.”


Humphrey also said nobody had yet been held accountable for the war in Iraq.