The Arkansas Lottery Commission met this afternoon. A representative from Crestwood Associates, who was contracted to perform demographic research through the lottery’s contract with Intralot, presented the results of a telephone and internet survey conducted to get a better idea of who was playing the lottery. According to the study, 58 percent of Arkansans have never played the lottery. Twenty nine percent have played in the last six months and 36 percent have played in the last year. Other interesting stats:

87 percent are over the age of 25
70 percent have some education beyond high school
74 percent have an income above $25,000 per year
74 percent are Caucasian
22 percent are African-American

Do remember the results were presented by a company under contract to do so. The presentation could have easily said that 26 percent earn under $25,000 per year or 30 percent have, at most, a high school education. Some other things that Crestwood reported: opinions on the lottery are generally positive; advertisements are helping sales; and converting non-players will continue to be a challenge. I’ve asked for a copy of the presentation so you can have a gander at it yourselves.


The commission also approved a plan to move forward with a $20 instant ticket in an attempt to help meet their financial goals for the year. Director Ernie Passailaigue said he was also looking at ways to encourage more retailers to sell lottery tickets. “The number one factor why we’re not meeting our goals is the number of retailers,” Passailaigue said. Lower fees and a two-year licensing period might encourage more to play ball, the director said.