Mike Huckabee’s mouth now draws criticism from Rotary International, the civic organization.

The letter comes in response to a statement made by Huckabee in a March 2 radio interview that most Americans “grew up in communities filled with Rotary clubs, not madrassas (Islamic seminaries),” during a critical assessment of President Barack Obama’s “world view.” Obama spent a portion of his childhood in Indonesia, home to the world’s largest Muslim population. It also is home to about 89 Rotary clubs.

Among Muslim-majority states, Turkey has the most Rotary clubs with 223, totaling about 6,000 members. Pakistan is second with 155 clubs and more than 3,000 members, followed by Malaysia, 109 clubs; Indonesia, 89 clubs; and Egypt, 74 clubs. Others include Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, and United Arab Emirates. In 2010, a Rotary club was chartered in Palestine.

There they go again. Confusing Mike Huckabee with facts.