John Brummett has a prediction of what likely will happen if religionist Rep. Denny Altes succeeds in legislating Bible courses in Arkansas schools.

The very real concern is that little Johnny the preacher’s kid is apt to run home and tattle if the teacher suggests, for example, that the story of Adam and Eve is an allegorical variation on common mythology and lore and that maybe the fruit was not really fruit and that maybe the serpent was not really a serpent, but that they represent temptation and sin.

Someone somewhere is going to find himself in a raucous special school board meeting with Reverend Holy Roller all up in his face.

You see, Reverend Holy Roller does not see the Bible as something to study with academic detachment, or to scour for symbolism and narrative inspiration, but as a marching order for him to impose his view of religion.

Perhaps you ask: Isn’t that widespread lack of sophistication the very reason we need such a course?

Yes, indeed, but, for now, in college, not at Hickory Knot High.