I mentioned Friday talk of a “third-way” tax cut plan to break the House-Senate stalemate on competing tax cut ideas. It would be to cut the grocery tax by a penny, rather than a half-cent, as Gov. Mike Beebe has proposed. This is coming from Republicans.

Several reports have bubbled up today about it. Previously, Beebe’s office had told me they had nothing to do with it. Beebe’s office was a little more emphatic today, saying the idea would face trouble in the Senate. Beebe’s people speculated it was attempt to kill the governor’s bill altogether.

Could be. Because it’s worth remembering:

Only tax cuts for rich people are acceptable to Tea Party Republicans. They actually like poor people to pay the grocery tax because they think they’re all undeserving welfare cases. Tax increases are not allowed on corporations, even those using accounting artifices to avoid taxes on Arkansas income or those that tear up highways. Tea Party Republicans will, however, help raise the grocery tax and the tax on home utilities to pay for freeways to Bodcaw and beyond. Get it?