I think Mike Huckabee is going to run for president, but I think he’s going to finesse the decision as long as possible to hang onto the money he makes as a non-candidate with his radio show (now on 560 stations) and his show on Fox News, which recently booted two commentators who’ve made not much more presidential noise than Huckabee.

Polls continue to show him a Republican front-runner (albeit in a weak field.)


He leaks that he’s “50-50” on the race.

The director of his PAC is in South Carolina, courting politicos.


He’s found you can say just about anything about Obama and get away with it, while firing up the base.

Much as he likes money, he probably suspects there’s a REAL pot of gold at the end of a presidential rainbow, not to mention all those limos, jets, gifts and perks he loves so much.


Wonder if the campaign HQ will be in his putative home state of Florida? It sure is remarkable how often he and Janet are seen around Arkansas. Does DF&A monitor that sort of thing when people live here but claim residency elsewhere to avoid income taxes?