Brummett today makes the Democratic Party’s case for expanding the 4th District into Fayetteville in the congressional redistricting plan. He dismisses most of the arguments.

He mentions that Sen. Sue Madison of Fayetteville may go with the party rather than the local chamber of commerce in the end. She sure enough isn’t happy with Steve Clark, the chamber leader, for remarks he’s made on her and the subject. The opener of her Facebook post:

I take great offense at recent public comments by our Chamber President Steve Clark accusing me of being “missing in action.” I did not attend the House State Agencies meeting this week because I was running a bill in Senate Education and then attending Senate Judiciary, of which I am a member. In other words, I was doing my job as the State Senator for District 7. If it was so important to Mr. Clark that I attend this meeting, then why didn’t he contact me and ask me to attend? He has yet to contact me to discuss ANY issues during this entire legislative session.

She says she’s heard from people on both sides of the issue and continues to maintain a neutral position on all proposals pending further hearings.