• Illustration by Sebastian Yingling

Times Senior Editor Mara Leveritt has published a video of Damien Echols reading his short story, “Nostalgia and Marlou,” about a girl who loves Halloween. It’s on DK2, the members part of her website, There’s a one-time fee of $15 to register.


A personal plug: The DK2 members-only portion of Mara’s website is full of interesting reporting on the nitty gritty of ongoing developments in the West Memphis Three murder case, for which Echols was sent to Death Row. It’s worth the price alone for the full text there of a speech she delivered to a recent Freedom of Information conference at Memphis University on press failings in the coverage of the West Memphis Three case. In the course of it, you’ll get the best brief I’ve read for all that’s wrong with the murder case and why the Supreme Court has ordered new hearings on whether the three men convicted received a fair trial. They didn’t.