A stroller in Blue Mountain Beach, Fla., sends along this progress photo of the $3 million home Mike Huckabee is building on the sugar sand beach of the Florida panhandle. It was posted on, a forum on area communities.

A similarly sized home is being built next door (and was incorrectly identified as the Huckabee home by a Twitter photograph distributed some months ago). County records indicate that home is owned by Huckabee’s old friends David and Debbie Haak of Texarkana. He’s a former state representative senator. The Haaks are using the same contractor and pool and spa builder as the Huckabees for a similarly-sized home — it carries a $1.4 million mortgage for a home on an $800,000 lot. Signs identify the ownership. Huckabee owns his in the name of the Angus B. Wiles Trust, a stab at anonymity that proved fruitless.

UPDATE: My Florida contact has not only further on-scene photographs (see jump), but also provided fresh video of the beachside views of the Huckabee (left) and Haak homes. (No, that little frame house that appears on the left now and then is NOT the Huckabode.)

More photos: