In the old days, there might or might not have been a local newspaper report on Mike Huckabee’s appearance before a Religious Right group (mentioned here last week) in which he made another one of his near-patented wild statements. Here, it was a wish that the country could be “forced at gunpoint” to listen to the religionist faux historian David Barton (adviser to the theocrats now running Hot Springs).

Today, there’s the Internet. And the Huckabee remark keeps bubbling up daily on websites large and small. In time, it’s a certainty — particularly if Huckabee gets in the presidential race — that he’ll be called to account on this. That is a very good thing about the web. Another example this week is the cascading reporting on Mother Jones visit to the wayback machine for a retelling of Huckabee’s destruction of public property — hard drives — containing records of his administration.

The things men do really do live after them.


UPDATE: Readers going to town on Huck’s hard drive destruction on Taegan Goddard’s widely read Political Wire.