As Ernie Dumas explained earlier today, the Republican budget leadership has rolled out today nothing less than the end of Medicare as we’ve known it. It would be replaced by a voucher system that would cost seniors more money and ultimately, leave many with nothing. Aim: End it, don’t mend it. Same for Medicaid, turned into a block grant program for the states, which would increasingly starve it.

Talking Points Memo explains. It’s the same private accounts swindle that George W. Bush tried to employ to end Social Security. Democratic leaders in Congress beat Bush. Can Obama beat the Republicans in Congress. Krugman thinks not and that the problem is Obama. He STILL thinks everyone can get along.


But now the question: The Republican plan is on the table. Republican candidates for Congress in Arkansas would NOT talk about this during the campaign. Will they now? I’m seeking reaction to the Ryan plan from Reps. Griffin, Womack and Crawford. If anything turns up, I’ll pass it along.