John Brummett isn’t buying the Paul Ryan plan to destroy Medicare by diverting federal money to enrich insurance companies. He hails a debate on the starkly different approaches of the two parties — one to protect insurance companies, the other to protect the sick and elderly. Already, my congressman, Rep. Tim Griffin is on the Ryan train, though he describes it in somewhat misleading terms:

“For the first time we have made a serious proposal that addresses our national debt so we can avoid economic disaster and continue to innovate and create jobs. It keeps our promises to seniors on Medicare-not changing anything for those 55 and over-and gives younger Americans more freedom like Congress has, without privatization or vouchers. It repairs Medicaid by giving the program more flexibility by allowing each state to tailor it to meet the needs of their residents while maintaining sustainable growth.”

No vouchers, indeed. But lots more profits for insurance companies that will eventually squeeze millions into uncovered territory.