Following up on Max’s post this morning, I caught up with Speaker Robert Moore today at the Capitol. He said he has been in touch with Beebe’s office regarding the redistricting issue that has gridlocked the legislature. Moore said he’s hopeful both sides will come together and compromise on a plan early next week.

“Obviously the Senate has the option of seeing if they want to try to extract the bill – Clark Hall’s bill – if they want to and if they have the votes to do it,” Moore said. “We are certainly looking at compromise bills.

“I’ve communicated with the governor and Senate leadership. I’m not carrying around a plan with me right now, but I’m confident that in the first part of the week, we’ll get enough people here at both ends of the Capitol to get it done.

“[The governor] has certainly stayed out of the drawing up of the plans, he has the same interest as we have of working something out to get a compromise that’s in the best interest of the state of Arkansas. His leadership and influence is always positive on these matters, so we’re communicating.”