Quiet morning. I think I’ll head to the gym. Some notes first:

* PRIEST LAWSUIT: The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests says it will have a news conference in Little Rock today about an adult woman’s complaint about Rev. Charles Kanu, a Catholic priest earlier removed from his position for “non-criminal professional misconduct.” She says the action by Catholic officials has been insufficient.

* CROSS COUNTY DOCKET: Princella Smith had a bad day yesterday in Wynne, her hometown. Multiple vehicle violations and a visit to the Cross County jail reported at the link. Hometown chat board is buzzing about the former Republican congressional candidate who now is director of education for Secretary of State Mark Martin. UPDATE: This was a State Police stop initiated after a trooper observed a Ford Taurus running a stop sign, spokesman Bill Sadler said. A warning citation also was written on that, he said. He said he was unable to provide information on why the driver license was suspended. She was stopped in the city of Wynne at Airpark and Grandwood.

* BRIDGES OF CONWAY COUNTY: I’m real sorry about the historic Fryer’s Ford bridge destroyed in Conway County, discussed at some length on the blog yesterday by readers and reported today in the Democrat-Gazette. But I think the D-G should have displayed more prominently, like before the jump of the story, and should not have waited until the 26th paragraph, to reveal that the 120-year-old bridge fell victim to gas exploration in the Fayetteville shale. The driver of a truck that hauls water for gas well fracturing operations was ticketed for an apparent violation of a posting that barred commercial trucks from the bridge. Not that the gas industry has ever contributed to road damage or environmental degradation in Arkansas and not that the legislature has been anything but responsible in providing protections against those extremely rare instances when a tiny little human mistake is made by the drilllers, frackers, injectors and others rumbling across the shale zone. S*** happens when you are raining economic prosperity down on everyone, right Sen. Rapert?