• Log Cabin Democrat

Alice Stewart, deputy to Secretary of State Mark Martin, spoke to the Faulkner County Tea Party yesterday. The Log Cabin Democrat reports. (Link corrected.)

She spoke mostly about the recently ended legislative session and praised [Sen. Gilbert] Baker and “the Meeks brothers,” Stephen and David, who were “forces to be reckoned with at the Capitol.”

…Redistricting was accomplished but not without a struggle, she said. The “Fayetteville Finger” would have been a disaster; the Fist is not perfect.

Reapportionment looms, she said.

“It is critical for the Tea Party to have input in how the (state legislative) lines are drawn so your representative has a chance to be re-elected,” Stewart said.

And with a smile she said, “The sooner the lines are drawn the sooner the U-Haul trucks can pull up to the Meeks’ Houses and move them around if needed.”

UPDATE: Candace Martin, spokesman for the Arkansas Democratic Party, notes the quote and comments: