Slow day for me. What do you have to say for yourself. Final notes:

* DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE: The House Republicans have decided they have a winner in mounting their own fight to deny benefits to same-sex married couples under the federal Defense of Marriage Act. They just can’t quit gay bigotry, no matter what the poll trends show. The Atlantic explains why it’s such a bad idea for the Republicans to call for the Justice Department to pay for an expense lawyer to defend a law Justice believes is unconstitutional.


* GUILLOTINES: At a tax-the-rich rally at the Arkansas Capitol today, Green Partyer Jim Lendall endorsed the idea of using guillotines as symbols to get the attention of greedy fat cats. It was a metaphor too far, no doubt. (I think we can probably agree Lendall wasn’t REALLY proposing head chopping, either with a single-shot guillotine or a semi-automatic with extended magazine chopper.) The Koch-paid lobbyists and its Republican organs are aggrieved, shocked, dismayed. No Tea Partyer has ever been so uncivil, they solemnly assure us.

* CRAZY AS FOX’S BOSS: Fox News boss Roger Ailes puts his own employees under surveillance. Weird story of the day.


* A GENERAL FOR TEXAS: Reports say that retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, former U.S. commander in Iraq, may run as a Democrat for an open Senate seat in Texas.

* INMATE CAPTURED IN ARKANSAS: A Texas inmate who reportedly killed a female prison guard in Bowie County to escape was recaptured in Ashdown.


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