Nobody ever accused Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer of being a moderate.

So it was something of a shock when news came that she had vetoed a “birther” bill as a “bridge too far.” Next up: veto override vote.

But that’s not all. Brewer also vetoed legislation to allow visitors to carry guns on public college campuses.

Jon Hubbard, Debbie Pelly, Mike Masterson and Co. will be jumping her partisan butt shortly.


But really. Is it possible that the nut show has finally jumped the shark?

UPDATE: Never mind my optimism. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he’ll sign a birther bill, presumably in letters big enough for Osama bin Laden to read it. I had a brief argument this morning with a friend: Which is worst politically — South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana? Or is it a distinction without a difference?