Interesting story from Mountain Home, where Ozark Tea Party leader Richard Caster, now a Baxter County justice of the peace (member of the county government governing body) isn’t too embarrassed about a video on his website making fun of an elderly woman urging the county to join the national flood insurance program. Here’s the video link.

The video, shot by someone in the audience that night, has comments posted on Caster’s Blog that injects sayings such as “the sorry-sob-story” when 72 year old Joan LeDuff of Cotter is speaking in favor of the county rejoining the Federal Flood Insurance Program [and talking about her husband’s stroke] and other
comments injected include ” Yeah, No, Duh” following a comment she makes. In contrast, comments posted when Richard Day, who spoke against the proposal at the April 5th quorum court meeting, include “a man of common sense and anti government regulation agenda.”