It’s open. Final notes:

* HISTORIC VAN BUREN: Fire today in one of the old buildings in downtown Van Buren.


* HILLCREST KROGER: Our hyperlocal microreporting on the groceries of Hillcrest continues with this report from the Hillcrest Merchants Association:

KROGER- Kroger announced last week that on May 9, 2011 they will be adding 150 ft of more aisle space for grocery items. This will be done by rearranging of several aisles and adding higher shelving to areas with shorter shelves. Fear not — the 115 different types of cheeses will remain.

* DEATHS IN LIBYA: Tim Hetherington, co-director of the film “Restrepo” was killed and at least two other photographers were injured in fighting in Libya.


* MUSHMOUTH MARK: Sen. Mark Pryor says he won’t vote to raise the debt ceiling unless spending is cut, the tax code is revised, the creek don’t rise and so on. He’ll do it or bring a crushing depression down on the U.S. As will other responsible members of Congress. Do they still constitute a majority?