The line is open. Meet you by the TV. Final notes:

* FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES: How crazy are Republican fundies? None are crazier than those in Oklahoma, where the Oklahoma House, which is to say the Republican House, defunded the WIC program to provide nutrition to mothers and children because one of the contractors handing out the food was Planned Parenthood of Tulsa. Planned Parenthood of Tulsa doesn’t provide abortions. And, by God, it won’t supply food to needy children as long as watchdog Republicans are around. Their ilk lurk in the Arkansas Capitol, as yet not in the majority. But this is a hint of what’s coming if they achieve it.

* THE REAL OBAMA: No, I don’t mean his national origin. Ezra Klein writes that the president is really a moderate Republican.

* REPUBLICANS WOULD END MEDICARE: Add Josh Marshall to the list of people who says Politifact is wrong for criticizing Democratic ads that say the Republicans voted to end Medicare. Of course they did.

What it all really comes down to though is that if you ignore what the policy changes actually do — the reality of the situation — and focus on bromides about ‘Mediscare’ and or the default assume that dramatic claims can’t possible be true, you end up misinforming the public


* STORM TOLL AT 10: Arkansas Department of Emergency Management has the deaths from flooding and storms yesterday at 10 — four in the Vilonia area, two in Benton County, two in Madison county, one in Washington County and one in Perry County. Statewide damage report here.