We’ve written before about Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern, a Jonesboro native, Baptist preacher’s wife and Republican, who became infamous years ago for her homophobia. She’s described gay people as a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism or Islam.

There she goes again. The Oklahoma legislature, probably the worst in the U.S., voted to end affirmative action. Sally explained why disparate treatment of racial minorities was OK:


Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said minorities earn less than white people because they don’t work as hard and have less initiative.

“We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that’s tragic, but are they in prison just because they are black or because they don’t want to study as hard in school? I’ve taught school, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t study hard because they said the government would take care of them.”

Kern said women earn less than men because “they tend to spend more time at home with their families.”

This is a good example of why they don’t call it the Party of Lincoln anymore.