WHITE RIVER FLOODING: The I-40 bridge is at center of picture and you can see water over the roadway below (west) of it.

  • National Weather Service/Tabitha Clarke
  • WHITE RIVER FLOODING: The I-40 bridge is at center of picture and you can see water over the roadway below (west) of it.

The Friday night line is open. A few extras:


* FLOOD DETOUR: Highway Department has some new detour routes for I-40, including a shorter detour for eastbound cars (but not trucks.) Here’s the map. By the way, U.S. Geological survey says White River has hit the highest level at Des Arc since 1927.

* WITH THE CALL AT OAKLAWN: Oaklawn track announced Terry Wallace got some national exposure on a New York Times racing blog today for some rough race calling in the Arkansas Derby and other races this season. He explains.


* INSURANCE HOLIDAY: On account of flooding and other weather issues, the state Insurance Department has issued a 60-day moratorium on cancellation or non-renewal of policies for failure to pay premiums. Policyholders have to contact carriers to qualify and must have had property damage.

* SHOCKING: Two men, including one in a wheelchair and armed with a Taser, robbed a Springdale jewelry store yesterday.


* WALTON GIFT UNMATCHED: The Wall Street Journal says the Walton Family Foundation gift of $800 million to the Crystal Bridges Museum (already a recipient of some $400 million in Walmart fortune money) is the largest cash donation ever made to a U.S. museum. J. Paul Getty gave $660 million in stock to his Los Angeles museum three decades ago, but that was when $660 million was really worth something.

* CHILL PILLS: Drugs found in the bin Laden compound included medicine for stomach ulcers and stress.


* WM3 COMPLAINT: Mara Leveritt writes that she’s filed a professional conduct complaint against Attorney General Dustin McDaniel for continuing to defend guily verdicts against the West Memphis Three despite “unrefuted” evidence that verdicts were tainted by juror misconduct.

* TWO KILLED ON I-630: Two were killed in an early morning accident on the Mills Freeway.


On the jump, more aerial photos from the State Police of the deserted I-40 at the White River flooding and at the messy intersection of U.S. 64 and 49, where traffic is stopped for alternate periods to let those on the other highway proceed. Don’t go there if you can help it.