Boeing’s move of a production line to union-hating South Carolina in retaliation for strikes in Washington state looks like the next big fight on the anti-labor front.

A careful reading of the law (imagine doing that) offers a whole lot more support for the National Labor Relations Board’s stand in this case.


Given that the NLRB languished under the Bush administration — at one point the AFL-CIO called for it to be shut down — the NLRB’s complaint represented a coming out party of sorts for the revamped agency.

“I can’t think of anything this blatantly pro-unions in a long, long time,” union activist Rich Yeselson told TPM.

Reminder: Arkansas native Lafe Solomon is the acting general counsel of the re-energized NLRB and in the thick of this fight.

Solomon is also stirring up the anti-union crowd in Arizona, where he’s filed a complaint over the patent illegality of the Arizona state law to prevent union formation by anything but a secret ballot election. For now, at least, there’s still the matter of supremacy of conflicting federal law, which also allows voluntary signing of union preference cards.