ProPublica reports on a new study that shows a link between natural gas exploration and methane contamination of water wells, which can lead to flammable faucets like those seen in the documentary “Gasland.” Industry flacks have maintained that a link between gas drilling and methane contamination could not be proven. This study says otherwise. Although researchers found no evidence that chemicals from hydraulic fracturing had directly contaminated water in the wells, they were surprised by the correlation between drilling activity and gas seepage underground.

The average concentration of the methane detected in the water wells near drilling sites fell squarely within a range that the U.S Department of Interior says is dangerous and requires urgent “hazard mitigation” action, according to the study…

Methane contamination of drinking water wells has been a common complaint among people living in gas drilling areas across the country. A 2009 investigation by ProPublica revealed that methane contamination from drilling was widespread, including in Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In several cases, homes blew up after gas seeped into their basements or water supplies. In Pennsylvania a 2004 accident killed three people, including a baby.

The picture above is a still captured from a video you can see here, at the web site for Arkansans for Gas Drilling Accountability. Some Arkansans living in the Fayetteville Shale have been able to set their water on fire as well. I’m trying to track down where the AGDA got the video. I think it’s from somewhere near Bee Branch.