The Thursday night line is open. Meanwhile:


  • Al Wertheimer/Courtesy Govinda Gallery

* ELVIS REMEMBERED: The Clinton Library will open June 4 a traveling Smithsonian exhibit of rare Elvis Presley photos. “Elvis at 21” will be on display through August 21. The 40 large-format Al Wertheimer photos were taken of a young Elvis on the verge of his breakout as a megastar.

* ELECTING JUDGES: The latest issue of the Arkansas Law Review is packed with articles on the pros and cons of electing judges, as Arkansas does, versus appointment. Contributors include Supreme Court Justice Robert Brown and Circuit Judges Wendell Griffen and Tim Fox, who lost a race for Supreme Court last year. Fox’s colorful litany of the good parts of campaigning capture Arkansas in a nutshell. He goes on to propose some reforms — including elimination of judicial runoffs through use of an instant runoff ballot in the first election and a vote on whether the people would prefer partisan judicial elections. He thinks they would.


* LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT: The Little Rock School Board meets at 7:30 p.m. tonight and will go into executive session to discuss whether to hire June Rimmer, the sole candidate for superintendent after a job search, or to continue the search. Signals: Mixed. If the meeting goes very long, I’m going to have to depend on readers to file the outcome here. I may not be around long.

* UPDATE: FLACKS FLYING: Journalism community buzzing about spokesperson movement. Julie Munsell of DHS to Entergy? James Thompson of Entergy to …. ? Amy Upshaw of DG to DHS? Nobody’s replying to emails.


UPDATE: Upshaw confirms move to Munsell job.. Munsell says announcement Monday. NOT