This got lost in all the talk yesterday about fiscal distress, but I thought a pretty good number of you might find this information valuable. From the Arkansas Department of Education blog:

June 9 will be the last day of school for Pulaski County Special School District students. This is as a result of action taken today by the State Board of Education. The board denied the district’s request for a districtwide two-day waiver from the 178-day school requirement. But board agreed to allow waivers for various schools in the district because of weather issues. This means all schools will have a final school day of June 9.

UPDATE: Deborah Roush, executive director of communications for PCSSD, sends this update.

..the District is aware that some schools only missed one day due to flooding, and the Arkansas Department of Education has been notified that some schools south of the river were in school on Wednesday, May 4. Human Resources is currently petitioning ADE to allow those students to end school on June 8. All other students’ last day would be June 9. As soon as this is approved by ADE, which we expect will be tomorrow, we will notify you. Thank you for bearing with us as we work to resolve this issue.