A highlight from a recent soccer game between Bryant and Conway High Schools has gone viral. The cliip had over 300,000 hits on YouTube yesterday and has amassed well over 700,000 as I type this. Bryant players faked running into each other on a free kick and used Conway’s confusion to score a goal. The play has sparked debate in some soccer circles over whether it was clever or just plain dirty. I’m not a big soccer guy, so I don’t know all the unwritten rules. Seems to me it’s the former. Yahoo Sports agrees.


I understand the debate about the play, but we’ve been seeing misdirection and bizarre plays in high school football for years now. From trying to bring on a player at the last second to pretending to call a timeout and then throwing it down the field, plays like this are nothing new. If anything, Bryant should be commended for using its imagination and coming up with such an ingenious play that resulted in a goal.