It’s open for your comments. Final notes:

* PROTECTING THE VOTE: Ernie Dumas will be back from traveling just in time next week to speak to the Political Animals Club at 11:30 a.m. Thursday at the Governor’s Mansion. It’s $20 per person at the door, with lunch. He’s going to talk about “Waiting for the Cemetery Vote,” retired Justice Tom Glaze’s book about his epic battles against vote fraud before he became a judge. Ernie helped write the book. I’ve read the galleys. There’s some rollicking good (bad) history of election chicanery from the 19th century until well into the 1970s and we hope to publish an excerpt soon. An added bonus is a collection of classic George Fisher cartoons about Glaze’s work. The University of Arkansas Press book is to be available next week and at the event. Write to see if reservations are still possible.

* OFFICIAL SECRETS: The Arkansas Republican Party is whining because Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, whose working papers are exempt from disclosure under the FOI, won’t turn over his working papers on legislative redistricting. The Board of Apportionment itself is releasing everything it receives, so this is mostly a meaningless political jab to cover the unfolding disaster in the Republican secretary of state’s office. In that vein, I’ve asked the secretary of state’s office when the press can come over and review all of Mark Martin’s redistricting maps, memos, e-mails, documents, etc. (and those of his staff and contractors and anyone else who’s made suggestions — let’s start with all of Mark Myers’ work product). I imagine we’ll get that transparent review just about the time Martin provides meaningful information proving whether his state motor pool has been used for personal purposes.

* SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Deputy clerks in Sebastian County have petitioned local circuit judges to remove Circuit Clerk Ken Blevins from office. They claim he’s sexually harassed female employees. The law allows judges to remove the clerk for, among others, “gross immorality.”