Interesting story in the Russellville Courier.

It seems the student-produced Russellville Middle School yearbook included a feature on the “Top 5 worst people of all time.” Hitler, check. Osama, check. Charles Manson, check. George Bush and Dick Cheney? You might say check and doublecheck, too, particularly if your worldly experience dates back to about 1998.


School officials were not amused when the feature was discovered (or more likely, when the inclusion of Bush and Cheney in Republican-friendly Russellville was discovered). Solution: Censorship. Stickers were placed over the offending passage. But a School Board member remains UNamused.

School board member Chris Cloud said the stickers, however, come off easily, and is less than pleased with the solution arrived at after he and school administrators spoke about the problem last week, he said. He learned of the list in the yearbook Wednesday.

“I was assured that we would speak to this problem with some tape that would not be able to be moved off,” he said Saturday, referring to the sticker solution as “a Band-Aid fix to a major problem.”