AD BLOCKED IN LR: But not 36 other places.

  • AD BLOCKED IN LR: But not 36 other places.

Sorry, but this needs repeating:

The publicly funded Central Arkansas Transit Authority sent out one of its attorneys yesterday to peddle utter nonsense about the lawsuit by atheists over CATA’s connivance with its advertising agency to avoid running atheists’ bus advertising.

Jess Sweere (whose firm also defends the generally undefendable wastrels at the Little Rock Airport Commission) told KUAR and also the Democrat-Gazette that the atheists were “disagreeable” and had just tried to “bait” the bus company into a lawsuit and he didn’t think they were serious about running any ads. What a load of garbage. The group has run advertising in THIRTY-SIX markets, but didn’t really want to run them here? Talk about disagreeable, read some of the sneering comments by CATA’s Betty Wineland and her advertising agent, Lydia Robertson, as they yuk about ways to stymie the advertising request. And if you want to talk about baiting, I invite you, again, to read some of the overheated rhetoric (fear of Molotov cocktail throwing by angry Christians) from the advertising agency’s lawyer, Jason Stuart, as he carried out Robertson’s intent to take the heat for stalling and making the contract terms so punitive the advertiser wouldn’t meet them.


The bus company needs a new advertising agency. The bus company needs to apologize for its dishonesty and start telling the truth. The bus company needs to honor the First Amendment. If the innocuous ad above truly could inspire terrorist acts by bomb-throwing Christians, the problem is not the atheists and their advertising.

There’s never been a bigger bus supporter than me. The worm has turned when badly needed money is refused on religious objections. And insult is added to constitutional injury by a willingness to spend huge sums in legal fees to defend the indefensible.