Only two days left. The evening line is open. Close-outs:

* WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT — WEINER’S WEINER OR CLARENCE THOMAS’ CONFLICT OF INTEREST? Many readers have been onto this for days, but I don’t think we can emphasize enough that Anthony Weiner was a particularly fat target for conservatives because of his tough and utterly meritorious campaign about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas‘ conflict of interest and his repeatedly dishonest financial disclosure statements. The recent financial updates make it clear how much money he makes from his wife’s opposition as a paid shill against health care reform legislation, an issue soon to be before the so-called justice. Follow the money, not Weiner’s jockey shorts, for the REAL story. Just don’t go looking for it in the lamestream media.


* CAD AND DOUBLE CAD: Anthony Weiner’s wife is pregnant. Oh, and add to the list of resignation backers U.S. Rep. Mike Ross. Funny, he usually leads parades such as these. Mark Pryor got out in front of him today. I’m amazed 534 aren’t in the parade after news that Weiner has confirmed sending picture of unclothed genitals out on the web. Jesus what an idiot. (But …. yes, I still love his other politics. And I still hate Vitter’s, Craig’s, Gingrich’s, et. al.)

* THE EVIL MEN DO: The Huckabee-led state’s hiring of George “Rentboy” Rekers as a thoroughly discredited expert witness in the Christian jihad against gay people has always been a black mark on Arkansas. But this reporting on some of Rekers’ even darker past shows you what a totally sick f*** he really is. Here’s the straight reporting by CNN on Reker’s government-funded “research” to de-program “feminine” boys and the tragic results.


* TRES BIEN: Hall High School gets knocked around a lot, often unfairly. With that in mind, I’d like to report:

The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) is pleased to announce Christian Michael, a Hall High School senior, received the 2010-2011 AATF Outstanding Senior in French Award. This award is made annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in the study of French, as well as an exceptional commitment to the French language and the many cultures where it is spoken. Recipients must have completed at least three years of French study by the time of graduation and be a non-native speaker of French. Christian Michael is a member of the French Honor Society, an officer in the French Club, and has participated in the National French Contest. He has studied French for five years and is the the student of Myriam Mehyou.