Former U.S. Rep. Marion Berry is scheduled to have brain surgery Tuesday, June 14, at UAMS for a tumor, as yet not diagnosed. He went for a checkup because of speech and vision difficulties.

A CaringBridge page has been set up so that friends can check in on his condition and progress of treatment. He’s currently home in Gillett.

His daughter Ann wrote on the website:

Be assured that Dad is still very much Dad. His thinking is well intact. He just has trouble expressing himself in speech and writing. His symptoms have come on very suddenly and because the rest of Dad’s brain functions better than most, he is able to compensate in remarkable ways for the the deficits this tumor is causing him. So, don’t count the man out! He is still lapping me in memory, reasoning, and understanding situations fully. Mom assures me that he woke up this morning, rounded up his crew of helpers and got them working on finishing his new yard. He’s still reminding the various contractors finishing the house of many details they need to attend to and has endless great ideas for solving the problems of our world.