This is just for journalism junkies.

But the Stephens Media-backed effort to sue the bejeesus out of little non-commercial blogs that repeated items from their newspapers — an effort that Walter Hussman’s media empire (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is the biggest member) signed onto — lost a major court challenge in Nevada today.


Go to the link for details. The headline gets it: “copyright troll lawsuit dismissed as sham” is how the opponents of the Stephens-Hussman racket put the victory. Appeals are, of course, possible.

You won’t see familiar names in the lawsuit. Righthaven LLC, which undertook the suppressive legal action, is, however, half-owned by Stephens Media, the Little Rock-based media subsidiary of the Stephens financial empire. And Righthaven had a deal with WEHCO Media, Hussman’s holding company, to similarly shake down supposed copyright violators.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped up to keep Arkie billionaires from steamrolling little bloggers in court. Takes money to fight money. It will be interesting to see how far this goes.