Have at it. Some close-outs:

* GAY MARRIAGE RULING STANDS: It was a slimy tactic and a federal judge has rejected it — the effort by opponents of gay marriage to overturn a landmark ruling striking down California’s anti-marriage law because the judge who made the decision was gay. It’s irrelevant. Should a black judge not hear issues related to race. A woman judge not hear issues related to women?


* YOU ARE KNOWN BY YOUR FRIENDS: Who cares who 20 Arkansas Republicans are supporting for president, particularly if it’s secessionist Rick Perry of Texas? But, on second thought, the Tolbert Report’s link to the endorsement by House Republicans is one of those handy sheep-goat divisions. Sheep or goats? Hint: Bourbon and Bacon Biviano is there.

* KUM AND GONE: The Coalition of Little Rock Neighborhoods reports that the Kum and Go convenience store chain has withdrawn its appeal of denial of a request to use property near Fair Park and I-630 for a new store. Neighbors had objected. The area already has a couple of c-stores across the street. It’s utterly irrelevant, but I stopped at a Kum and Go in Missouri recently. Pretty good filling station stop. Clean.


* REPUBLICAN MYTHOLOGY: Next time Tim Pawlenty or another Republican says Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts increased revenues, please refer them to this link and tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.