EXPOSED: Love in the rioting made for a striking photo and then an outing of an ID on Facebook.

  • EXPOSED: Love in the rioting made for a striking photo and then an outing of an ID on Facebook by the ‘Riot Romeo’s’ father.

This isn’t exactly news, but it’s a worthwhile reminder: The NY Times has rounded up a number of recent episodes in which people have been exposed to everything from embarrassment to potential prosecution by the reach of the Internet, combined with cell phones, social media and all the rest. For example:


A commuter in the New York area who verbally tangled with a conductor last Tuesday — and defended herself by asking “Do you know what schools I’ve been to and how well-educated I am?” — was publicly identified after a fellow rider posted a cellphone video of the encounter on YouTube. The woman, who had gone to N.Y.U., was ridiculed by a cadre of bloggers, one of whom termed it the latest episode of “Name and Shame on the Web.”

Then there’s Weinergate, Vancouver hockey riots (and the “kissing couple”) and lots more. Somebody is watching, believe me. I was a touch surprised yesterday when I went to a computer to post my own small YouTube clip from yesterday’s state news conference on school district takeovers to find a blog commenter had already noted my presence there, thanks to a live feed from a TV station. I already knew I couldn’t run anymore. Can’t hide either.

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