Diane Ravitch’s essential education Twitter feed leads me to a Washington Post article that details highlights of the $157 million the Walton Family Foundation spent on education in 2010.

Washington, D.C., receives the most in direct grants, almost $17 million.

Note: the foundation spent $52.4 million on “shaping public policy.” The foundation is not the only spigot of Walton money to groups working on public policy. Walton money turns up, too, in such organizations as Arkansans for Education Reform, which pushes the charter school expansion agenda and beats down on Little Rock public schools.

The report includes the $680,000 the foundation directed for “research and evaluation” to the University of Arkansas, where Walton money has long supported an education”reform” unit aimed at pushing the Waltons’ school philosoophy — charter schools, merit pay, anti-union, etc.