Dustin McDaniel

As I suggested the other day, a lot of people thought Attorney General Dustin McDaniel had big-footed the State Police awards lunch the other day — some nonentity named Mike Beebe was the speaker — by insisting on airing a video of McDaniel, then in Hawaii, announcing that he was directing $700,000 from settlement of a lawsuit with drug companies to build a State Police classroom building at its shooting range in Wrightsville.

A final cost on that video isn’t available. But his spokesman said the preliminary investment on the almost 5-minute video was about $6,000. “Given the significance of designating $700,000 to a major law-enforcement training facility, we believed this was the best and most effective way to make this important announcement to Troopers and to Arkansans who dedicate their time and support to the State Police.”


Questions have been raised about McDaniel’s designation of the State Police Foundation, a private, nonprofit, rather than the State Police or State Building Services. Said spokesman Aaron Sadler, “The decision to designate the money to the Foundation is consistent with other designations to nonprofit groups in the past.” The attorney general doesn’t have the money yet, but will keep it in an office bank account until it’s needed when it does receive the money.

Don’t know about you, but I think a simple letter and a 42-cent 44-cent stamp would have served the same purpose as a $6,000 video — if not to McDaniel’s political career.


UPDATE: The movie is now showing on a later post.