Remember “Republican” Jill Dabbs, the mayor of Bryant, and Bryant clerk “Republican” Heather Kizer? The Saline County GOP sent out an email this afternoon asking for Republicans to come to tonight’s city council meeting to show support the “Republicans.” From county party Chairman Brett Hooton:


As you know Bryant City Clerk Heather Kizer and Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs, both members of our Republican Committee, recently shook up the “good ole boy” network in Bryant. Jill and Heather were not card holding members of the Bryant establishment. Instead they were two conservative citizens who recognized that the government of the city of Bryant needed to change. In their short time in office they’ve found ways to drastically cut spending and improve transparency; two things the “good ole boys” don’t like. In retaliation Jill and Heather have been the targets of countless attacks.

Tonight some of this may be discussed and Republicans Jill and Heather need our support. Please plan to attend the Bryant City Council meeting tonight at 7pm. Get there early and get a seat. We want the courtroom packed with supporters.

It must be nice to live in a world where giving yourself a raise without city council approval is considered cutting spending and improving transparency. Hooton’s email did not hint at what might be happening at tonight’s meeting. Here’s the agenda, courtesy of eLwood.