Framed and Matted Portrait of a Distinguished Man

A little mid-day levity: A reader pointed us to the item above on the Arkansas state surplus web auction.


Here’s how the state is hawking it:

Up for bid is a framed and matted portrait of a distinguished man. This item measures 21.5inches x 29.5inches. The frame is wood with an intricately carved design and gold finish. The center piece of this item is a stunning head and bust photo of a white male. The mans’ attire suggests a prominent status, with a bold yet subtle crimson tie draped effortlessly from his stark white dress shirt. Perhaps he is the God Zeus with a cleanly shaven face. Whomever this alpha-male is and from wince he came may always be a mystery, but one thing is for sure, the gorgeous wooden sarcophagus for which he is forever entombed will certainly promote peace in even the humblest of dwellings.

And it can be yours! Four days remain on bidding, which is currently at $35.


UPDATE: How could we forget a face so soon? A commenter points out that the “mystery alpha male” is actually disgraced Land Commissioner Mark Wilcox, infamous for kicking into gear the state car scandal last year.

UPDATE II: Fun’s over. The portrait’s no longer available online. But here’s a screenshot of the earlier posting for posterity.