The situation in Gould that we reported on earlier today has taken a turn for the worse. Gould Mayor Earnest Nash was assaulted tonight by someone he says was in support of city council members who passed ordinances he opposed. Fox 16 is all over it. Follow this link for their reporting. Bill Kopsky of the Arkansas Public Policy Council sent out an email earlier this evening describing what happened on the scene. That email is on the jump. According to Fox 16:


Nash said that there was multiple city council members present at the time of his attack.

Mayor Nash described the incident in a live interview on Fox 16. During the interview, Councilman Sonya Farley drove up and confronted Nash. During the argument, Farley had to be restrained and taken away from Nash. As Farley was being taken away, Nash said that the car she drove up in was also present during his attack.