With a debt deal finally reached and a Senate vote expected later this afternoon, MSNBC does some Monday Morning quarterbacking and runs down the winners and losers as the debt ceiling debate winds down. The Republican front-runner Romney hasn’t said word one about the crisis or how he would have handled it. This will come back to bite him once the campaign kicks into gear.

Also, the Washington Post has a “Who got what?” graphic to help sort through all the talk.

Paul Krugman calls the deal a “disaster.”

UPDATE: Romney breaks his silence. He says he’s opposed to the debt deal reached last night.


UPDATE II: The debt ceiling fight got close enough to the edge of the cliff that it’s even got some Republicans taking stock of the radicals that have bulldozed the conservative moderates out of the GOP. Here’s former George W. Bush aide David Frum on his party’s looming Teabagger hangover: “In their passion, Republicans convinced themselves that the constitutional republic and the free-enterprise system were threatened as never before. Their response? To threaten to blow up the free-enterprise system and wreck the republic unless they gained their point. Republicans have become so gripped by pessimism and panic that they feel they have nothing to lose by rushing into a catastrophe now. But there is a lot to lose, and in these past weeks America nearly lost it. Let’s hope that as America steps back from the brink, Republicans remember that it’s their job to protect the system, not to smash the system in hopes of building something better from the ruins.”

At last, a voice of reason is heard from the Right. We were beginning to think there weren’t any of those left.