• Anderson

Busy week for the LRPD. Just in over the wires: two more convenience store stickups (one at the EZ Mart on Mara Lynn Road, and another at the Shell Store on S. University), and a shooting in which the victim was later arrested for drugs and weapons possession.


A motorist named Teabrey Anderson told police that last night just before 7 p.m. he was run off the road on Terra Circle. The other driver got out and began firing at him with a handgun. The man then chased Anderson through a nearby apartment complex while still-firing at him. Anderson told the cops he was able to escaping into an apartment, but not before taking a bullet fragment in the leg.

Later, police said, they looked in Anderson’s truck and found 2-1/2 ounces of marijuana and a pistol, and wound up charging him with simultaneous possession of drugs and a handgun. The man who shot him remains at large, and police currently have made no arrests in the holdups.