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As we reported yesterday, former Times Associate Editor and current Oxford American Publisher Warwick Sabin announced his candidacy for the District 33 seat to be vacated by Rep. Kathy Webb at the end of 2012. We’ve since heard a couple more names, as reported in this week’s Insider column.


Webb has been a strong voice for progressive Democrats in the state House of Representatives, as was her predecessor Sam Ledbetter. Pulaski County Democratic Committee Chair Kirk Bradshaw is another name that has come up from multiple sources. When asked if he planned to run for the seat, Bradshaw said he had not made a decision yet. Dennis Burrow, chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas Faith Caucus, said he is “considering a run.”

Other names that have been thrown around: landscape architect Mark Robertson and former Arkansas Lottery staff attorney and House of Representatives staffer Bridgette Frazier are thinking it over, just to name a couple.


A GOP spokesperson said yesterday that they did not know of any Republican contenders so far. As for Webb, she says she would love to continue her career in public service.

“There may be a seat on the Little Rock city board that might be an open seat,” she says. “If that’s the case, that might be an avenue I’d like to pursue.”