But that’s not the case in London where rioting continues. The photo above, via The Guardian, is of a woman being rescued from a burning building. The riots started after a protest over the fatal police shooting of 29 year-old Michael Duggan turned violent.


More than 6,000 officers — including 2,500 mostly public order-trained officers and 3,500 local officers — were on duty as violence spread from north, to east, west and south London on Monday night. Fires burned in Croydon, Clapham Junction and Hackney and there were disturbances outside the capital in Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol.

Senior officers say the violence and looting on Monday night was the worst in living memory; eclipsing the 1980s inner city riots in Toxteth, Brixton and Tottenham at the height of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

The full Guardian report on escalating police tactics to control the situation is here. Think Progress notes that citizens have organized a clean-up campaign through social media tools like Twitter.