KAIT in Jonesboro has some details on the death of James Logan Morgan, 70, found stabbed to death Friday morning in his Newport home. No suspect or motive listed.

Morgan was well-known among Arkansas history buffs. A note that went out to historians yesterday from Robert Craig of the Jackson County Historical Society said:


James was a top-notch historian whom I am certain most of us have quoted or benefitted from his work. His interests were varied, his talents tremendous, his memory incredible.

Two of James’ main interests were early Arkansas history and the history of African Americans in Arkansas. His contributions to those two topics are significant.

His work with the Jackson County Historical Society is legendary and thorough. He was the first editor of the society’s publication. He was with us several weeks ago as the JCHS celebrated its 50th anniversary. He has supported the society the entire 50 years.

I am honored to have called James a true friend, as I know many did. There will never be another person like James Logan Morgan. He will be missed.