Over to you. But first:

* WM3: I’ve been on the receiving end of a variety of messsages related to the release of the West Memphis 3, including from key supporters who spent time with them last night and today in Memphis. Damien Echols had some firsts for breakfast this morning — a bagel and fresh pineapple. He was on Death Row Thursday morning. He told Capi Peck, one of the leaders of the campaign to free the 3, that the Kobe beef burger with red onion marmalade, shoestring potatoes and lots of ketchup that he had last night was the best thing he’d ever eaten.

Get ready for a new campaign, by the way, says Capi: Pardon the West Memphis Three.

* GLAD TIDINGS: In keeping with our effort to print news that you can’t — or in this case, likely won’t — find in the local daily newspaper, I’m tickled to report that Hendrix politics prof and politico and occasional Times contributor Jay Barth has announced plans to wed his long-term partner, lawyer Chuck Cliett, in a New York civil service in March. A blessing of the marriage will take place here in Little Rock on April 14. Maybe this would be the time for the D-G to reconsider its ban on announcement of same-sex marriages, even involving Arkansas residents. They are legal now, after all, at least in some states.