I’m opening the evening line up early. I have to get over to the Statehouse Convention Center for our West Memphis 3 panel at 6 in partnership with the Clinton School of Public Service. Somebody asked: Yes, we’ll have plenty of security people in the event somebody’s emotions run too high. I’m hoping civility will prevail, even if questions are hard.



* ALBERT PIKE LAWSUIT: A lawsuit has been filed against the U.S. over the 20 deaths in the flash flooding of the Forest Service’s Albert Pike campground last August? News release on the jump.

* BUILDING IN FRONT OF CAPITOL: I’ve been promised a report on this afternoon’s Capitol Zoning District Commission at which the group will decide whether to change existing height restriction rules so that Mike Beebe pal John Burkhalter can build a five-story office building across from the Capitol at 6th and Woodlane. It may be into the evening before I get it posted, but reader notes attached to this item are welcome.


* SEXUAL HARASSMENT SUIT DISMISSED: A special judge said plaintiffs had no standing to file a suit seeking dimissal of the Sebastian circuit clerk for inappropriate actions toward female employees.